by Peter Nelson

As winter has descended on us, it might be nice to think about a warmer clime.

We’re on a three-day hike on this wilderness trail through central Tasmania, and stopped on this bridge for a lunch break.  And you might not guess it, but we’re actually fishing!  Didn’t have any luck though.
A hike along the Cradle Mountain Trail.  This one lasted two weeks, and the beginning of the trail is pretty steep.  You can see we’re pretty high up here.  Too bad the photo’s colors are so faded.         
Peter Nelson in Australia
The mighty woodsman hopes to chop enough firewood to warm up the evening.         
b208 - Australia
A heavy fog descended on this mountain lake
A wallaby, a smaller cousin of the kangaroo.
b362 - Monitor Lizard Australia
A monitor lizard, basking in the sun.         
b366 - koala
 A koala came down from his eucalyptus tree, something they rarely do.