Diana Filer  was born in Vancouver a long time ago, she says, to a civil engineer father who had been in a mounted rifle battalion in WWI, and a mother who had driven an ambulance on the front lines in the same war.  She  graduated in French and philology from UBC, did graduate work at the Sorbonne and the Institute Britannique in Paris, and returned home, married, went to live in NYC, London, had a son, and returned to Canada.  After 5 years’ working for CBC in Vancouver, Diana transferred to Toronto, became a radio producer on the Gerussi show, On Concern, developed and originated Quirks and Quarks, then left radio for local television in Toronto, went back to radio to become the head of Light Entertainment, after which she was appointed to the position of Director of CBC London, the best job in Canada even if it is offshore.  Diana returned to Canada after 3 years, alas, to be the Director of International Relations for the CBC.  she is now retired and living back in Vancouver pursuing many wonderful undertakings.