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LivingHealthElevated sodium levels in Almonte drinking water

Elevated sodium levels in Almonte drinking water

The town of Mississippi Mills has put out a notice informing the public that recent water samples taken from the drinking water system servicing the Ward of Almonte have shown elevated levels of sodium.  Any level of sodium above 20 mg/l must be reported to the Medical Officer of Health.

Samples taken on July 15th, 2013 revealed sodium levels of 44 mg/l, 57 mg/l and 40 mg/l, while the repeat samples taken on July 22nd, 2013 showed sodium levels of 41 mg/l, 55 mg/l and 39 mg/l.

The Medical Officer of Health states that although sodium is an essential dietary element, for individuals who suffer from hypertension, chronic kidney disease or congestive heart failure restricting the daily intake of sodium is essential to managing their condition.  It is important to be aware that by drinking water from this system, he/she may be increasing sodium intake. The use of a water softener will also add sodium to the water you drink.

If you are on a sodium restricted diet, it is recommended that you discuss this situation with your health care provider, so that they are able to help manage your condition.  For further inquiries, please contact the Roads and Public Works Department at 613-256-2064 Ext. 258.





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