Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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EnerduEnerdu project: Exchange between Daniel Coates and Mayor John Levi

Enerdu project: Exchange between Daniel Coates and Mayor John Levi

John, thanks for taking the time to respond.

The process considering Enerdu to date is seriously flawed. Misinformation abounds. Others have pointed that out better than I; tell me otherwise in hard facts on the issues I raised, and on those other serious more expert residents have raised. To fail to do so simply reinforces cynicism, and is no response.

In particular, provide an expert response to the alarming conclusions the experienced scientist who has worked for the federal Ministry of the Environment and completed numerous environmental assessments raised at the Wednesday meeting (he spoke just before I did that night). To ignore his expert conclusions borders on the irresponsible.

The appearance from the outset is this is a done deal, you the citizens and electorate, do not come knocking. There is absolutely nothing "green" about most hydro projects. The sad reality is Provincial policy has not caught up with that reality. The Province is stumbling around trying to promote green initiatives but has yet to find the right mix or find an effective direction. The dollar impact of some of their policies could be overwhelming.

Before making up your mind, as with your other colleagues, allowing genuine public engagement to occur and the expression of public opinion based on solid objective information and facts, neither of which have occurred, would not only be appropriate to make democracy work, but it is also essential given the grave dis-connect that now exists between the governors and the governed, creating a genuine crisis in our democracy, turning off electors and sharply reducing the legitimacy of government.

We the people have little faith in the regulatory process in place.

Stifling public expression and public engagement is not the path you should follow. Making it happen is. Let us celebrate every expression of public sentiment on this or on any other issue. Expressing disappointment is not the appropriate or positive response.

While "appearance" of the falls is important to many, my dominant concern is with major and permanent destructive environmental impacts. I hope you and your colleagues explore them and base your judgement on that solid assessment.

Respectfully and affectionately,


Daniel Coates PhD

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Subject: Enerdu
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2012 12:35:33 -0400

Dan I am disappointed in your opposition. I believe this is a good truly green energy project and will not harm the appearance of the falls. It may well improve the view by removing the unsightly boards. There will be some disruption during construction but this is always the case. They have committed to keep disruption to a minimum and work with us on timing. When the project is complete I feel we will all be proud of it. I agree they could have did better presentation but I have had a lot of people comment afterwards to me that they had better understanding and saw no problem. You will always have some that will never agree no matter what. They have had to to go through all the environmental and regularity processes that are in place Provincially and Federally. I have not commented previously as we have little regulative authority and I needed more facts. I will be supporting this project.





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