by Edith Cody-Rice

left to right: Equinox artists Carly Belford, Jane Irwin and Sarah Anderson

On Saturday April 21, Sanjeev Sivarulrasa held another of his elegant vernissages in his gallery on Mill Street in Almonte . While art lovers nibbled on fruit, cheese and sipped wine, they toured the latest exhibition “Equinox”the theme of spring, featuring the work of three artists. As the exhibition notes indicate the vernal equinox occurs around March 20 or 21 each year, but in Eastern Ontario, Spring arrives in April and May. “Equinox” can also refer to balance and harmony – the equality of day and night – as emotional themes in our daily lives.

Carly Belford’s small floral bouquet paintings are inspired by historical still life art from the 17th century all the way up to the impressionists of the 19th century.  She often photographs her own flowers and is interested in the textures, patterns and colours they display. She is excited by making something new out of an old painting tradition.


Carly is from Toronto and was awarded her Bachelor of Fine Arts with distinction at Montreal’s Concordia Universityin Painting and Drawing in 2012 and Master of Fine Arts at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Fine and Media Arts in 2017. She currently lives in Montreal.

Jane Irwin is one of three artist sisters and attended art school at Mount Allison University, majoring in painting and drawing. She has been a professional artist since the 1980’s  and works in glass as well as paint. She has lived in Toronto for the last 30 years. She always enjoyed doing things with her hands and went to Toronto galleries in her teens. The art world then was exciting and confusing in its concentration on modern art. She wanted to learn more about art, was increasingly taken by technical facility and she thought she had something interesting to say. Her art in this exhibition came out of trips to Newfoundland where she will be an artist in residence in Tilting on Fogo Island. The larger pieces in  this show were made after she photographed a beach after high tide. She saw the beauty in the perfect line of random objects, then, in her work, inserted found objects from other trips.

CAPELIN, Jane Irwin

Sarah Anderson comes from an artistic family and says as a child she doodled and drew for hours. She is inspired by colour and shape and what it reveals. Now she concentrates on painting and often incorporates wax for texture. In addition to her professional work as an artist, she has a full time “day job” and is the mother of a young family of two children. She states that her art has been very affected by her life as a mother and that much of the gathering together in her art represents family and ties. From Sault Ste Marie, Sarah has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Ottawa. She currently lives in Ottawa.

Nearly by accident Sarah began to play with the viscosity of paint and found that she could develop interesting work by allowing paint to simply cascade down a canvas.

FALLING AWAY, Sarah Anderson

The exhibition continues until May 27. The gallery is located at 34 Mill St, Almonte, more information at

Vernissage photos courtesy Raymond Dubois.

Guests admire the work of Carly Belford and Jane Irwin