Mary Wilson Trider4by Mary Wilson-Trider

On December 6, 2014, 71 staff members of Almonte General Hospital (AGH), Fairview Manor (FVM) and Lanark County Paramedic Service (LCPS) were honoured for a total of 930 years of service to patients and residents. The award recipients were:

  • 40 Years – Linda Coady, Support Services Aide (SSA), Housekeeping (Hskg)
  • 35 Years – Sherry Cavanagh, SSA, Hskg
  • 30 Years – Cheri Hickey, Registered Nurse (RN), FVM; Lisa McPhail, CSR Aide, Operating Room; Linda Melbrew, Cook, Dietary; Scott Smithson, Cook, Dietary
  • 25 Years – Susan Abernathy, RN, Emergency Department (ED); Bonnie Bradley Scott, Registered Practical Nurse (RPN), Rosamond Unit (RU); Shelley Branje, Ward Clerk, Medical/Surgical Unit (MSU); Mary Davies, Physiotherapist, Physiotherapy (PT); Sheila Lefebvre, Recreation Aide, FVM; Stephen Tosh, Engineer, Engineering
  • 20 Years – Anita Ladouceur, Personal Support Worker (PSW), FVM; Gloria Leonard, Food
  • Service Aide (FSA), Dietary; Patricia Morton, Physiotherapist, PT; Daniel O’Connor, Paramedic, LCPS; Wanda Smith, PSW, FVM
  • 15 Years – Carrie Lynn Cregan, Paramedic, LCPS; Dr. Michael Dolan, Chief of Staff; Cindy Eady, RPN, FVM; Debra Elder, RN, ED; Shannon Featherston, PSW, FVM; Doreen Gleeson, SSA; Hskg; Nancy Inwood, Reception/Staffing, FVM; Candice Munro, Acting Charge Technologist, Diagnostic Imaging; Nancy Sevenhuysen, RN, ED; Brenda Stevenson, PSW, FVM
  • 10 Years – Terri Behrens, RPN, FVM; Tracy Cameron, Laboratory Technician, Laboratory (Lab); Christa Chaplin, Pharmacist, Pharmacy; Ashley Gorham, Paramedic, LCPS; Robyn Holly, RPN, RU; Wendy Hurdis, PSW, FVM; Tracy Julian, SSA, Hskg; Jennifer Laforce, PSW, FVM; Lisa Loyer, FSA, Dietary; Gwen O’Neill, FSA, Dietary; Mandy Perrier, RPN, RU; Gregory Peterson, Paramedic, LCPS; Norma Jean Riopelle, HIM Coder, Medical Records (MR); Sarah Thompson, PSW, FVM
  • 5 Years – Brianna Amirault, FSA, Dietary; Mark Boettcher, Laboratory Technician, Lab; Sarah Carnegie, PSW, FVM; Anita Comfort, RN, Obstetrics (OBS); Kelly Dalgity, RPN, FVM; Paul Da Silva, Paramedic, LCPS; Dr. Melissa Forbes, Physician; Tammy Gardiner, PSW, FVM; Kayla Gleeson, SSA, Hskg; Mary-Ellen Harris, Assistant Director of Care, FVM/Manager, RU; Rebecca Hodgins, RN, OBS; Isabelle Lajoie, Physiotherapist, PT; Jacqueline Lesway, Paramedic, LCPS; Dawn Martin, PSW, FVM; Cindy McCall, Cook, Dietary; Kilby McCann, PSW, FVM; Tina McLelland, Executive Assistant, Administration; Dianne Moulton, Medical Transcriptionist, MR; Louise Powers-Wagorn, Payroll Officer, Finance; Mitchell Ricker, Paramedic, LCPS; Ruth Roberts, PSW,FVM; Debra Rowan, Pharmacy Assistant, Pharmacy; Megan Regimbald, RPM, FVM; Brittany Russell, PSW, FVM; Nyssa Schmidt, FSA, Dietary; Linda Stewart, RN, MSU; Dina Thompson, RN, OBS; Joyce Washer, FSA, Dietary; Michael White, Paramedic, LCPS; Marcia Wilson, RPN, FVM