Thursday, December 8, 2022
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Arts & CultureGeneral Fine Craft new exhibition

General Fine Craft new exhibition

Almonte’s GENERAL FINE CRAFT  begins its 2016 exhibition schedule with a dynamic pairing of new work to the gallery.

Both these emerging artists work intuitively in series, a method which allows them to develop their ideas thoroughly – and which leads them in unexpected directions.

Please join us for the opening and meet the artists: Sunday April 10 from 1-3pm



ROB RAESIDE feels he is constantly striving to improve “his eye for design and his hand for glass”. His current blown glass bottle forms, bowls and cups attest to the growth of this young artist since leaving Sheridan College School of Craft in 2008. He’s currently working with Alexi and Mariel Hunter at Kingston Glass Studio.

His latest series of forms is titled Summa (Swedish for sum). In craft, a good work is the sum of all its parts: material, form, colour, texture, pattern, balance. The union of idea, experience and skill equate to finely crafted objects with a sense of timelessness.

Rob’s approach characterizes the inherent complexities of what appears to be simple in form but which is actually very technically challenging for a glass blower.

Inspired by Scandinavian decorative glass design, he explores “the subtleties of line and balance” to create beautiful, sensitively shaped objects that speak as much to the aesthetics of design as they do to that of craft.

ALEX TAVES’ collection of androgynous ‘portraits’ reflect his fascination with the human face and the underlying stories of peoples’ lives.

Visually bold, as in the language of Picasso and Hockney, they are constructed intuitively by collaging layers of various media . Much as a DJ manipulates the pitch, base and speed of tracks to fit the moment, Alex crafts a work on paper or panel .

He lives and has a studio practice in Hamilton, Ontario. With a background in graphic design and media arts, he has a wide vocabulary for visual manipulation.

Alex’s fragmented compositions begin with digitally printed images that he cuts and pastes together. Adding paint and drawing to the process gives an overall sense of visual playfulness.

These androgynous heads with neutral expression are truly enigmatic. With re-arranged bits of facial details, slightly blurred and dizzying, they hold the viewer in a moment of suspended fascination.

The exhibition continues to May 15.

Please visit the gallery:  63 Mill St., Almonte ON  K0A 1A0

Hours:  Tuesdays to Saturdays  11am-5pm / Sundays  11am-4pm

See our website for more information and dozens of artists pages:







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