Karen Hirst

It seems a natural evolution with the passage of time for one to recognize and acknowledge that “the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.”

I believe this old adage is well suited to giving credit to the natural and historical locale that surrounds us. However, without sharpening our senses, what is inspirational for the visitor is readily taken for granted or imperceptible by those living in the midst of the locale’s crowning glory.

This is not intended to imply that there aren’t places of beauty, interest or novelty across the lands or that one should not explore these places. Instead it is meant to draw attention to the fact that we have right in our own backyard some pretty spectacular places of beauty, places of interest, places that insight a pride in what has gone before us, places that inspire and humble us, places that stabilize and plant our feet firmly on the ground with a sense of familiarity and security, places that comfort and guide us…places we refer to as “home.”

Often when homeward bound from a road trip, one can find themselves letting out a sigh of relief crossing the border into Lanark County or as some might say, “God’s Country.”  To see the welcoming sign for our hometown … well, let’s just say the next best thing is sleeping in your own bed!

There is a wonderful contentment and peace that comes with an awakening and gratitude for what lies on our doorstep without succumbing to a persistent yearning for something believed to be greener elsewhere.

Photos by Karen Hirst