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Dave Bates — obituary

BATES, David Merrill With heavy hearts the family...

For sale: Martin D35 guitar

This is a very nice 1990 Martin...
LivingFood and DrinkLearn about making Easter eggs Latvian style, April 20

Learn about making Easter eggs Latvian style, April 20

Priecigas Lieldienas!

Easter Eggs – Latvian Style!
Demonstrations at Peches & Poivre, Saturday, April 20, 2019

Being the first born in Canada of Latvian parents, I grew up learning some of the traditions of Latvian culture.  

One of them is the special way in which eggs are dyed for Easter. Each year, just before Easter, at my grand parent’s home in Montreal, we would gather our materials, including all the onion skins saved throughout the year for this purpose, small pieces of clean cast-off clothing, lots of thread, perhaps some parsley, dill, or other interestingly shaped greenery, coffee, and raw bacon.  

Sitting around the small kitchen table, with a small square of cloth and an egg in front of each person, we would begin reaching for the onion skins heaped in the centre of the table, and maybe some interesting greenery to enhance the design, and, begin preparing the eggs for the dying process.

For several years now, I have been saving onion skins, in view of someday holding a demonstration on how to prepare eggs this way.  Well, this is finally the year. Lise will be happy to see the grand collection of onion skins finally put to good use. On Saturday, April 20 at Peches & Poivre, I will do a demonstration and display of Latvian egg dying the way our family did it.  

There is no cost, and, if not too crowded, there will be opportunity for a couple of people to try their hand at it. I will also provide take-home instructions. We will do the demos at 10:15, 1:15, and 3:45. Please join us at 89 Mill St. in Almonte.  Sveiks!





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