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FeaturesMailboxes of Mississippi Mills - Part 6

Mailboxes of Mississippi Mills – Part 6


by Neil Carleton

The mailboxes of Mississippi Mills range from delicately painted, roughly welded, finely crafted, duct taped together, dazzling new, to weather challenged.  Many stand upright while others list precariously.

Some go well beyond utilitarian in their creative expression.  This final article in the 6 part series takes a look at some notable examples.

73 Pakenham 9th North 2684 June 18 2013
Although it might appear to be as high as the moon in the background, right above the road, the upper box in this photo was installed for the special delivery of airmail.
53 Pakenham 9th N 2684 June 18 2013
Down closer to the road level, this unique box is a receptacle for rural letter mail delivery.
52 Pakenham 7th 533 June 21 2013
left–to–right: door knob, mailbox door, chime, head hoop, staves, bilge hoops, bottom hoop
51 Pakenham 4th June 21 2013
With blowing snow predicted from time to time over the winter months, storm windows might be needed.
84 Ramsay 8th 848 June 13 2013
Let the wind blow high, let the wind blow low … this riveted mailbox should be able to swing securely in any weather.
63 Quarry Road 1027 June 16 2013
Close the door please to keep the heat in.





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