Monday, March 4, 2024
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CoronavirusMaple and vodka and meat pies, oh my!

Maple and vodka and meat pies, oh my!

When owner Shirley Fulton-Deugo of Fulton’s Pancake House & Sugar Bush, got together with the team from the Dairy Distillery, little did she know great things were in the making. Great things such as the launch of the Dairy Distillery Maple Vodka Cream Liquor, but even more wonderful – a chance to help out her local community facing a worldwide health crisis with COVID-19.

Read on…

In February, Jonny Crozier from Dairy Distillery asked if Fulton’s would be interested in supplying maple syrup to produce a Maple Vodka Cream Liquor.  Jonny sampled various grades of syrup and later that month started producing the new product.  It was a hit and each batch sold out quickly! Plans for more production were put on hold when they turned their focus to produce much-needed hand sanitizer in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fast forward to March 20, three days after the mandatory closure of the pancake house and abrupt end to the traditional maple season. Fulton’s received a call from Claire Mills at Dairy Distillery to advise they wanted to share the profits of the Maple Cream sales 50/50 with Fulton’s.  Shirley was absolutely speechless and the tears flowed. With much gratitude Fulton’s accepted the generous cheque of $1500.00.

Fulton’s decided to pay this generosity forward and gave the cheque to 6th generation, Madeline Downey, in support of her new business The English Pie Shop.  In turn, Madeline promptly focused her attention on the community, purchasing supplies to make $1500 worth of savoury pies that continue to be donated to our local and surrounding area. Her delicious pies & cakes are made in the kitchen of neighbouring family business the Cedar Hill Christmas Tree Farm.  (Visit her Facebook Page for details on how to purchase.)

Fulton’s always donates the contents of the “Pay It Forward Jar” (loose change donations from very generous customers) back to the community.  This year, it was decided to complete the circle of giving and $225 was sent to Dairy Distillery to purchase hand sanitizer for front line workers at the Lanark County Paramedic Service.

We encourage everyone to visit the Dairy Distillery site for their “buy a bottle / give a bottle” hand sanitizer campaign.  

We’re still in awe of this full-circle story. Be well and stay safe.

The Fulton’s team




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