LeviIn this article in the Ottawa Citizen, Missisippi Mills mayor John Levi stated that TransCanada has met with council several times   to outline the Energy East proposal. This proposal concerns  retrofitting  the underused 3,000-kilometre Canadian Mainline natural gas pipeline, which already runs through the region, so it can carry crude oil from Alberta’s oilsands to refineries on Canada’s East Coast. TransCanada is now indicating that it may require new pumping stations at Pakenham and Stittsville. Mr. Levi said  that while TransCanada had not specifically discussed the need for a new oil pumping station,  he expects little pushback from the community. He is quoted by the Citizen as saying, “So far there have been no calls of any kind, one way or another. I’m not expecting a whole lot of objections from the rural people with regards to where it goes. Two pipelines (already) go through and they have for years.”