Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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Pancake Breakfast at Union Hall, March 26th

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LivingMills Community Support Pitches In

Mills Community Support Pitches In

If you like the clean roadsides on the Appleton Side Road, thank the crew from Mills Community Support!

An energetic team that included Megan, Anne, April, Riley, Crystal and Terry Ann (who took the pic) spent a breezy, sunny morning today picking up trash as part of a belated Pitch-in Week project. Originally scheduled for last week but delayed due to bad weather, the crew cleaned up the roadsides between the March Road/Ottawa Street round-about and halfway down to the Old Almonte Road. “You would not believe what we found”, commented one of the crew. Among the usual trash – such as beer cans, plastic water bottles, plastic straws, fast food containers, cigarette packs, grocery and garbage bags, and just general litter – they even found a bedpan. The mind boggles as to what this object was doing in the ditch

A huge THANK YOU goes out to the team, for helping us keep our beautiful town tidy.

And please – dispose of your garbage responsibly, and recycle. Throwing trash – and bedpans – out your vehicle’s window is just not on.




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