Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Arts & CultureVolunteer Ron Caron is honoured by Mississippi Mills arts community

Volunteer Ron Caron is honoured by Mississippi Mills arts community

Left to Right: Noreen Young (Puppeteer and puppet maker), puppet, Ron Caron, Ann Mason (organizer of event) and Ingrid Harris (maker of puppet’s costume).

Members of the arts community gathered on Monday evening, November 5that the Old Town Hall to pay tribute to Ron Caron, a unique and tireless volunteer in our area.  Since his retirement from the CBC, where he served as a skilled machinist, Ron has donated countless hours of his time and provided technical and production expertise to many local arts organizations – including the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum, The Valley Players, the Folkus Series, Puppets Up!,  Almonte in Concert, Celtfest, the Humm and the Town itself.  In fact, Ron’s restoration of the old town clock and keeping it running was the focus of a recent CBC radio production.

Those present were very glad to thank Ron for his contribution to the arts and to their organizations.  All had contributed towards a specially commissioned caricature puppet by Noreen Young.

Ron Caron’s look-alike puppet by Noreen Young




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