Saturday, December 2, 2023
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Arts & CultureMississippi Mills Bicycle Month chooses signature artwork for 2012

Mississippi Mills Bicycle Month chooses signature artwork for 2012

Mississippi Mills Bicycle Month (MMBM) is back for 2012. It may be only February but we are excited for June and the warm weather which means we can get back on our bikes!

MMBM is excited to announce local artist, Jill McCubbin’s “Not So Still Life” as the signature art piece for 2012.


 “Not So Still Life” is a great choice for MMBM; the artwork shows everything the bike can be: from the day-to-day practicality represented by the basket to the momentum of the bicycle showing the fun, freewheeling side of a cycling lifestyle. The painting can speak to all ages and anyone can see the playful, happy, summery side of Jill’s piece.

 Jill’s piece will be continuing the artistic and cultural side of MMBM while representing the inclusive aspect of the bicycle. Jill will be joining artists such as Dale Dunning (2011), Jhonson Buisson (2010), and Rosemary Leach (2009).

 “Not So Still Life” will be incorporated into MMBM’s promotional material, which will be seen throughout the month of June around Mississippi Mills and at Bicycle Month events!

 So come join us in June for a month of bicycle themed art, culture, tours of the countryside, and of course, fun!

Have any ideas for community-oriented events during bicycle month? Feel free to contact us through our website or at




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