At 7 p.m. the Council meeting, chaired by Mayor Levi, began discussion on the Enerdu project.

Ten councillors, including  the mayor, appeared before a packed gallery, and all except mayor Levi and councillor Minille spoke strongly in favour of the Part II Order request that Stephen Stirling, Mississippi Mills Town Planner, had prepared.  Mr. Stirling added to his original draft after receiving information and opinions from the Heritage and Communities in Bloom committees, and the Mississippi RiverWatchers, among others.

Councillor Shaun  McLaughlin commended the efforts of Stephen Stirling in taking in the comments from the public and producing a document that reflects town’s concerns so well.

Councillor Dalgity encouraged all citizens to write the Ministry of the Environment, and said that when it makes it decision on the project, the town can then get involved in site plan oversight.

Councillor Gillis said this is the most controversial issue he has seen in all his years in Almonte, and wanted the town report to echo citizens concerns more strongly.

Councillor Abbott noted that the town does not have the authority to stop the project totally. The town has a copy of the Riverwatchers submission, and Councillor Abbott thanked them for the work they have done. He requested that the Mississippi Riverwatchers stay on top of the issues as they emerge.

Councillor  Edwards suggested that we need some sort of heritage designation to aid the town when future developments come along, to control development so that it would be in harmony with the town concept.

Councillor Wilkinson wished that the report had addressed the misnomer of run-of-river, the access road, and the problems anticipated in regards to the excavation work to be done.

Councillor Watters expressed the opinion that town council should express its stand on the project clearly in the local paper.

Councillor Cameron thinks the community should focus its efforts in 2 or 3 key areas, to strengthen the arguments, rather than have too many issues going at once.

Mayor Levi and Councillor Minille said very little; the mayor said “we can’t make Enerdu tell us” what we are asking for.

 The request for the  Part II order written by Stephen Stirling was unanimously accepted by the council.