Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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NewsMississippi Mills pays for its residents to use Carleton Place facilities

Mississippi Mills pays for its residents to use Carleton Place facilities

The Millstone wonders how many Mississippi Mills residents are aware that our council pays Carleton Place $140,000 to permit MM residents to use facilities in Carleton Place on the same basis as Carleton Place residents. These facilities include recreational facilities, pool and library.

  Residents who have lived in Mississippi Mills for a long period may be aware of this, but newer residents may not. Council may consider ditching this arrangement as Mississippi Mills has many facilities of its own, except a pool, and reimbursing MM residents who are asked to pay increased costs as a result. If you have a view, make it known to your councillors. Their coordinates are available here http://www.mississippimills.ca/townhall/index.cfm.   The Millstone is conducting a survey to determine awareness and use of Carleton Place facilities by MM residents. If you are an MM resident, please fill out the following survey to assist the council in making its decisions. http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/LWPY2WB. This survey is open until January 31, 2012.

The Millstone has received stats on use of Carleton Place facilities from a MM councillor. You may access them here. Download Cost-Sharing agreement MM CP BECK scan0001

In response to our question to the mayor of Carleton Place, Wendy LeBlanc, asking if any other than the pool had non-resident user fees (the surcharge for non-resident use of the pool is $50), she send the following response.

Dear Editor,

    It is important that you have background information about the cost-sharing agreement between Mississippi Mills and Carleton Place.

 The agreement struck in 1987 formalized an agreement that had been in place for many years between Ramsay Township (now Ramsay Ward) and Carleton Place for recreation, library and pool services, and between Almonte and Carleton Place for the use of the pool. Following amalgamation, the agreement remained in place, and represents an excellent example of your local governments working together to provide the best possible service for residents regardless of an arbitrary political boundary.

   Many Mississippi Mills residents use Carleton Place services that are cost-shared, and we monitor the percentage of use by these residents to determine the amount cost-shared. A recent review of the numbers indicates that usership by Mississippi Mills residents is higher than the amount cost-shared. I have attached a spreadsheet indicating current Mississippi Mills users and the amounts cost-shared as prepared by Carleton Place treasurer, Phil Hogan.

    In the absence of a cost-sharing agreement, the current charges for non-residents would be reviewed by Carleton Place Council to ensure that our costs are being covered fairly by user fees.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require additional information.


 Wendy LeBlanc


Town of Carleton Place

The mayor included a cost sharing/facilities use spreadsheet which may be accessed at Download Use of facilities by Mississippi Mills

Up until 2012, the funds flowed only from Mississippi Mills to Carleton Place, although Carleton Place residents had access to the Mississippi Mills Public Library at no cost. Commencing January 1 of this year, Carleton Place residents who wish to access the MM Public Library  will pay an annual user fee: $30 for adults, $10 for children and $45 for a family

The Almonte and Pakenham arenas are available to Carleton Place residents upon payment of non-resident rates for ice time. The rates are listed below.


Prime Time Minor Resident ……………..$103.56
Non-Prime Time Minor Resident ……….$84.27

Prime Time Adult Resident ……………..$144.97
Non-Prime Time Adult Resident …………$120.09

Prime Time Adult Non-Resident ………..$172.61
Non-Prime Time Adult Non-Resident …..$146.97

Tournament Rate Minor Sport …………….$103.55
Tournament Rate Adult Resident …………$115.77
Tournament Rate Broomball ………………$101.27
Tournament Rate Adult Non-Resident…..$172.61





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