1. The Moon nearly Full – MoonWork Assignment
  2. The Earth Shadow at Sunset

The Moon nearly Full - MoonWork Assignment
Sherry wrote to me:
Tonight we used the scope and clearly saw
Mare Nectaris,
Mare Fecunditatis,
Mare Tranquillitatis,
Mare Crisium and Mare Serenitatis.
It worked quite well for an old instrument.

Sherry used their MoonGazer Card to identify the features.Sherry was able to get this photo last night using her spotting scope at 60X Notice that her image is right-side up because  spotting scopes have an erecting prism. This makes it easy to correlate the MoonGazer Maria…

Sherrymoon august 30

What kind of image  do you see in your scope or binoculars

2.The Earth Shadow at Sunset

Last Night at dusk  the sunset glow in the east was clearly separated from the horizon by a dark layer. This is the blue layer of the sky that shows the earth’s shadow directly opposite the sun.The rose (pink) color is due to backscattering of light bouncing off of particles in the atmosphere. The particles scatter the blue light away in the upper atmosphere. The lower blue you see, is however the shadow of the earth at the anti-solar position (East).


One other feature to notice is the use of Flat Cobra Luminaires that we use in Mississippi Mills to ensure that light illuminates the road surface and not the sky… conserving the Night Sky Environment.