Monday, March 4, 2024
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LivingHealthNew AGH five year strategic plan has four areas of focus

New AGH five year strategic plan has four areas of focus

Almonte General Hospital
by Mary Wilson-Trider,
President & CEO of the Almonte General Hospital/ Fairview Manor

 Earlier in the year, I wrote about the Hospital Board’s strategic planning process and invited members of the community to provide feedback on the strategic directions that had been drafted by the Board.

This invitation was part of a larger effort to gather feedback from internal and external stakeholders about whether the proposed directions were the right ones and what the Board should consider as it finalized the strategic plan. 

I am pleased to report that there was general support for the draft directions.  Our stakeholders thought they addressed the needs of the community and accentuated the strengths of the organization. 

A number of people described the plan as ambitious and advised the Board to ensure that human, technology and other resources are in place to accomplish the objectives. It is very important that we continue to deliver safe, high-quality care to our patients and residents today while we are planning for the future. 

Of course, a plan like this requires investment. Our partners in the Foundation will be asked to support our need for patient/resident care equipment and infrastructure as the organization grows.

The Almonte General Hospital (AGH) Board of Directors has adopted the draft strategic areas of focus as the direction for the next five years. 

The areas of focus are numbered one through four for ease of reference, but the numbering does not mean that one is more important than another. Our strategic areas of focus for the next five years are:

Area of Focus #1

– Working collaboratively with others to establish and/or sustain a comprehensive and appropriate program base, including select regional programs, to serve the community.

Area of Focus #2

– Partner with secondary and tertiary centres to identify appropriate clinical services that can be delivered by AGH as a satellite site function.

Area of Focus #3

– Lead collaborative efforts to address the needs of the community and provide access to services for aging and end-of-life patients.

Area of Focus #4

– Partner for revenue opportunities that utilize available land and assets to better serve the health and wellness needs of the community.

A copy of the Executive Summary of the Strategic Plan is posted on the Hospital’s website at Anyone who would like a copy of the full document can contact my office at or at 613-256-2514 ext. 2220. 




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