On Monday, August 15th the huge underground penstocks of the hydro generation station will be blocked at both ends and the water drained to permit an examination of the interior channel for leaks and other possible damage. This procedure occurs on the one-year anniversary of the official opening of the plant. It should be quite an event to witness because Sullivan Construction will be there with its enormous crane to lift the large metal gates into place. Also attending will be Canadian Hydro Components of Almonte, Genivar (Engineers) and even the Mississipppi Mills Fire Department as a safety precaution.

The construction of this new $19M plant (which is a prodigious income producer for the municipality) was financed entirely at no cost or liability to the taxpayers of Mississippi Mills. The Mississippi Power Corporation borrowed the funds and is repaying them out of the proceeds of the generated hydro.

Next week the Millstone will publish an account of the income generated by the plant.