At the recent November 20th Annual General Meeting of Puppets Up! International Puppet Festival, it was announced that Nicole Guthrie has been chosen for the position of Festival Co-ordinator for 2012-2013.   This part-time position was advertised in the Humm and the Millstone and many excellent candidates applied.  In fact, the members of the Selection Committee admitted that it was an extremely difficult choice to make.

As Mississippi Mills’ Community Cultural Programmer from 2008 to May 2012, Nicole Guthrie gained exceptional experience in leadership, coordination and marketing of cultural events and community activities.  She has an appreciation of the talents and skills of our local residents and an impressive knowledge of how to develop and promote our festivals and events as an economic driver for the Town of Mississippi Mills.  Nicole is a wonderful addition to Puppets Up! and the members of the Board of Directors welcome her warmly.

The members for the Puppets Up! Board for 2013 were elected at the AGM and they are:

Noreen Young, Chair *  Rona Fraser, Secretary *  Jeri Lunney, Treasurer  *  Ron Broughton  *  Al Potvin  *  Jan Watson  *  Rob Riendeau  *  Tracey Wyeth  *  Allan Martin  *  Bruce McCubbin  *  Jenny Pfitzer  *  and Brian McManus.

Forming a new advisory committee are Bruce Kingsley, Edith Cody-Rice and Bryn Matthews.