Hi folks — after twenty years of not missing a deadline, we are sad to say that we won’t be publishing an April 2020 issue. TheHumm’s model is to promote all of the upcoming events in our normally vibrant area, and for the next while it will be impossible for organizers to commit to dates. As you know, small businesses throughout the area (of which we are one) are struggling to stay afloat and won’t be able to advertise until they are reliably open for business once more. We are also not sure where we would be able to distribute copies even if we published a small issue, since many of our normal distribution spots are closed until further notice.

In order to stay positive (and busy) and continue to shine the light on area artists, musicians, community groups and businesses, we intend to publish a “Daily Dose” of good news, art and music, and ways to help continue to build community in this challenging time. That will be available on our Facebook and Instagram feeds, and will contain links to our newly reconfigured website www.thehumm.com. Feel free to share, and to send us ideas of things to promote.

Once it is safe and feasible to do so, we intend to roar back onto the stands and promote the heck out of all of the wonderful events and happy happenings that will fill the streets of our small (but mighty!) towns and the pages of our small (but mighty!) paper.

In the meantime, stay calm and be kind.

—    Your friends at theHumm