by Brent Eades

Well, I don’t get to say that often.

But there seems to be nothing new to report on this New Year’s Eve 2019 — no ads, no Billboard notices, and even no obituaries.

That last is a good thing, as over the years I’ve noticed a spike in obituaries over the Christmas period. Not so much this year. 2018 seems to have been kinder to our older residents.

Well, there is one thing to report. I’ve spent a good part of my Christmas vacation working on a long-overdue overhaul of my website. I launched the first version of that way back in 1995 — that surprises even me.

My focus on this new version is to make Almonte seem as appealing as possible to visitors — of which we receive growing numbers every year. And that’s money in the bank for many local business owners and their staff. I’ll let you know when the new is live.

Wishing everyone the best of everything in this new year, 2019.