Valby Val Sears

To put too fine a point on it……Wow!

The Millstone now has over 8,000 regular readers. It is gaining circulation faster than The New York Times is losing theirs.

Our little online newspaper  has by another Internet miracle, a least one visitor in 72 countries although goodness knows what interest the six people in Romania have in our valley town. But then, there are hits from such exotic places as Brazil, Finland, Turkey, Iran, Israel, Mongolia. . .. and other faraway places with strange sounding names.

The Millstone is under the daily editorial direction of its editor, Edith Cody-Rice, with occasional advice from its honorary publisher (and husband) Val Sears.Our newspaper is not politically motivated and has no political allegiance although the citizens’ stories may help persuade our frequently fractured council to act. Almonte with its lovely waterfalls and eclectic boutiques  is a tourist destination and not simply a bedroom suburb for Ottawa. Please keep sending in your contributions and we will continue to persuade those guys in Romania that Almonte is an attractive place in a big country.