VoteTo the Editor:

I think it important that the readership be aware that when it comes to their democratic rights and responsibilities, that they be aware they can choose to not support any of the four candidates vying for a seat in our area.
If you don’t support either the candidates or the political party that they represent, decline the ballot, don’t spoil it.  The process is quite simple.
  1. On voting day, go to your assigned polling station.
  2. Upon receiving the ballot, immediately return it to the polling official indicating that you decline it.  The polling official must record this on the back of the ballot and this vote is counted.  A spoiled ballot will not be counted.
We can send a very clear message that we as an electorate are equally unimpressed with the party’s platforms and can choose not to vote for the lesser of four evils.  This is the fifth option and sends a clear message that we are not satisfied.
There is a great website that explains this very well and I would encourage people to share this information and this choice that they may not have been aware of.  The site can be found at:
My thanks!!
Peter Meyer