A couple of weeks ago I wrote asking for an explanation of why
you station patrol cars just inside the boundary of Ottawa many
Sunday mornings to harass Lanark County residents. In response, I
received an untrue reply from some person of your staff claiming it
couldn't be you, it must be the OPP.
   That response was incorrect. The patrol cars were clearly Ottawa Police.
For the next two or three Sunday mornings there were no patrol
vehicles on that highway. Coincidence? Many would think not.
Then, this Sunday afternoon, there was another of your vehicles,
stationed near the Ottawa boundary, positioned so as to prey on
Lanark Co. residents returning home.
     Is this proper traffic control? Or simply a way to scam money 
from non-residents who happen to be traveling within your city limits?
We'd appreciate a proper response. From you please. Not from a
less than truthful PR flack.

Yours very truly,

John Fowler