Saturday, January 28, 2023
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A silverish lining

A reader sends us this moving story: My...

The Ten Collective Blog: Three Posts Every Week!

The Ten Collective will have their fourth...

Johanne Polis — obituary

Polis, Johanne It is with sadness that we...
News"Coming Events" has become "Community Billboard"

"Coming Events" has become "Community Billboard"

The Millstone has changed the title of its "Coming Events" page to "Community Billboard" to extend the scope of this page to include announcements that are of interest to the community but that may not qualify as news. We will continue to publish the Humms compilation of events on the news page on Monday to catch the eye of subscribers who only receive e-mails concerning items posted on the main page.  The Humm, which is collaborating with the Millstone, prepares this compilation specifically for the Millstone and includes events of interest to Mississippi Mills and Carleton Place.




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