Welcome to the inaugural edition of Lanark County's first exclusively on-line newspaper:The Millstone. We are told this is the way news and entertainment will be be delivered in the 21st century so we decided to get into the game. The Millstone is available at You the readers will also be the reporters and entertainers. We hope you will send us news stories from your neighbourhood along with opinions, thoughtful comments and anything that sets you and your friends laughing.

 The submissions will come to me, the editor, at We expect some lively debates as well as hard news stories some of which may have escaped the mainstream press. Your stuff will be edited and surveyed for libel by our resident lawyer.

The founding group of The Millstone, the Almonte Press Club, will be the only direct contibutors but you may join us at our Barley Mow luncheon meetings every third Saturday of the month. We think it will be fun and if you are interested in a media career you will be associated with some of the top newspaper, television magazine and photography people long in the business. So come along and plunge in, always keeping in mind the sacred mantra of the news business. . . Get it first, but first, get it right.

Photo © John T. Fowler 2011