Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Muriel Dodd — obituary

DODD, Muriel (nee Dagenais) (December 1, 1940 – November...

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7.5 ft flocked LED changing lights...
Arts & CulturePainted curtains on windows on Mill Street a great Puppets Up! success

Painted curtains on windows on Mill Street a great Puppets Up! success

window painting 003The painted windows for this year’s Puppets Up! were especially beautiful.  There were so many!!  More than ever before, store owners on Mill Street wanted artists Jeff Banks and Cynthia Chowloski-Verboven and their team to paint those magical curtains.  All the different colours and designs made the street extra-specially festive and set the scene for one of the most successful Puppets Up! yet.  Thank you Jeff and thank you Cynthia!!

But what goes up must come down and, since the festival, the windows have slowly been cleaned and the colours washed away.   It’s a big job and, without the excitement that is in the air before Puppets Up!, it’s hard work.  Jeff has his own special technique for getting the paint off but he must have been pleased when the Town’s summer students, Jessica Ryan and Billy Preiss, showed up with ladders and scrapers to finish off the job.

It’s great when the Town gets involved like this and Puppets Up! would like to thank Tiffany MacLaren, Community Economic and Cultural Co-ordinator for the Town of Mississippi Mills for her interest and support.

window painting 002

window painting 001




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