In an earlier email message (“Another perspective on the Enerdu project” – 18 July) Bob Yaremko made a partially valid point: The river at Almonte has been changed many times over past years in order to power local industry. It no longer looks like the pristine river it had been before settlement of the area. So what is the fuss about yet another modificaton?

True. But that was many years ago and the changes to the river were necessary to provide livelihood to the population of the town. Those changes in the past benefited the town.

The situation today is quite different. Industry is no longer the economic base of Almonte. In effect there is no benefit to the town from the disruptive Enerdu project. Quite the opposite – Almonte will suffer while the benefits will accrue to some outside investors. We don’t want the Enerdu project because there is nothing in it for us. It is not an economic necessity for Almonte – only disruption.

It is unfortunate that council feels itself powerless in the face of such “progress”. Maybe if we are legally powerless we should consider some form of civil disobedience. It’s amazing how quickly politicians respond to negative publicity.

Paul Zollmann