Sunday, March 26, 2023
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Diana’s Quiz – March 25, 2023

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A Wonderful Leg-Up for Local Students: The MVFN Cliff Bennett Nature Bursary 

Annually, the Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists (MVFN)...
Letters to the EditorPhotos of old flash boards in river needed!

Photos of old flash boards in river needed!

The management of water levels in the Mississippi River falls under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Natural Resources.  MNR  has received conflicting claims from concerned citizen groups and Enerdu regarding their  historic water levels and the regime of flash board management , with both sides in agreement that flash boards have been a historic component of water management at the Enerdu site, but disagreeing that current levels are the same as the historic levels that the water management plan was based on, with community groups claiming that alterations to flash board height and water  levels were made in June of 2004 by the  former Enerdu owner, Mike Dupuis.

The Mississippi RiverWatchers and the Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists are forming a scientific committee to seek answers to the following questions:

  1. What was the pre-2004 water level of reach 18?
  2. Did that water levels in fact change?
  3. If so, what caused the change?
  4. Was water level change a factor in the die off of the Appleton wetland?
  5. What would be the preferred water level management regime for the Appleton wetland and reach 18 of the Mississippi River.

Volunteers are currently searching newspaper  and museum archives and we are asking residents to search their photo albums for  pre-2004  summer time photos that might show the flash boards in the river.  The photo might be of the train bridge, the old iron works building, the river side of the Thorburn mill , the Maple Leaf Mill ( Enerdu), or the upper water fall.

Any photo leads should be sent to:    with “Flash board photo” in the subject line.   All photos will be carefully handled and promptly returned.




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