A message from the Mississippi Mills Beautification Team

Volunteers at a past Pitch-In

April is usually scheduled as Pitch-In Month, a time when we urge residents to come out and help clean up our community after winter. This year will be different.

We will announce the full activities surrounding Pitch-In when this crisis has passed. For now, we ask residents to be conscious of the dangers of littering.

Actions recommended for the present situation

We can already see, as the snow recedes, the nasties (coffee cups, cans, cigarette butts, and other litter) emerging on our streets and roadsides.

At this time, we would simply ask residents not to add to this unsightly litter, which can also harbor the virus.

Find a garbage or recycling receptacle for that can or coffee cup.  Pick up after your dog and put the resulting waste in a proper container—not on the street or in a nearby bush. Don’t throw cigarette butts on the streets.

Of course, this is what we should all do in normal times, but proper protocols for refuse are especially critical now.

We are so fortunate to live in this wonderful, caring community, and this has never been so apparent as we navigate this crisis together.

When the time is right, Pitch-In activities will go ahead. Then we will ask you to come out, pitch in, and help make our community a beautiful place for all to enjoy once again.