Reader Chris Baburek shares this letter sent to Mayor Christa Lowry.

Dear Christa,

In reviewing the highlights of the Special Meeting of Council held on December 11, 2018, I noted a motion was passed to send a written letter from the Mayor to Cavanagh Construction to thank them for their contributions to the community.  While I am not clear on how the contributions of Cavanagh Construction have improved my life in Mississippi Mills, there are a number of other local businesses and organizations which have, in my opinion, had a tremendous, positive impact on life in Mississippi Mills.  I would like them to receive letters of thanks for their community work.

I believe that Mill Street Books has done a wonderful job of bringing people together for the betterment of the community, with their support of local artists, photographers and writers.  They have been a supporter of Folkus, recently brought the International Paddling Film festival to Mississippi Mills and organized the inspirational and uplifting talk by David Johnston on his book “Trust”.

Cheerfully Made Goods has been a booster of local artists and crafters and has brought much fun and liveliness to the community with their Street Markets and window decoration initiatives.  

Equator Coffee has been a tireless support of the local charity, Schoolbox, which helps provide education to schoolchildren in Nicaragua. While not technically benefitting local citizens, any time a child is educated, the world benefits. Gillagalou has been a supporter of the Mississippi Madawaska Land Trust which protects land, including High Lonesome in Mississippi Mills, for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations.

Then, of course there are the amazing non-profits and other organizations such as Mills Community Support which, among many other things, organizes the wonderful “Five Wednesday in July” every summer and installed the pizza oven, where many have enjoyed pizza while meeting and talking to their neighbours.  

Then there’s the Hub, which not only encourages recycling, but has contributed thousands of dollars to community organizations over the years. And we should certainly be thanking the Horticultural Societies for their beautiful gardens and displays, and their work in schools passing on their knowledge and appreciation of gardening to the next generation.

And speaking of gardening, the various community garden groups who have been donating hundreds of pounds of food to the local food banks over the years also deserve special recognition.

And, I can’t begin to name all the individuals who give so much of their time and talent to making this community so caring and special.  All this to say, we have many terrific businesses and organizations in our community. I have named just a few and others will have names of other businesses and non-profits to contribute.  Could you please inform me and others of the process involved to nominate them for special recognition? In the spirit of “coming together over the next four years in a positive and constructive way”, we need to continue to acknowledge these groups, so please provide us with guidelines as to how to go about it.

Chris Baburek