If Any Councilors or the Mayor are Reading—–

It is decision making time regarding the fate of Don Maynard Park…”Do Nothing” or ” Create Lots. ”

No end of words have been written, voices have been raised and emotions have run high in an attempt to prevent the trade off of honour, history, and mature parkland for a monetary return on the sale of 5-6 lots.

Many deem the choice to sell this park as an act of betrayal by Town Council—betrayal of approximately 1300 plus voices raised in disagreement with the possibility of this becoming a reality.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when a decision once deemed appropriate needs to be reversed and other choices made—this is one of them.

The trade off of this park for the enhancement of Gemmill Park just can’t be deemed appropriate—an honour once bestowed should not be a redeemable commodity.

The time is now to ” Do Nothing.”

Thank You

Karen Hirst