Dear Editor,

I am very concerned and annoyed about the town houses being built on Mary St,  Rosamond St and Sheppard St.  These were started in or around March 2016 and still are not finished. Residents have had 2 unpleasant summers and autumns with noise,  disruption and other inconveniences including, but not limited to, heavy vehicles blocking the streets and often individual driveways.

The builder gives us no notice about impending inconvenience and we are tired of 7am starts.  At 6.55am on October 31 2017  a large vehicle spent several minutes reversing up Rosamond St creating the loud sound emitted by large vehicles in reverse.  There is absolutely no regard for the local people who may not want to be woken quite so early by the workers and machinery and shouting.

This June 2016 Google Maps image shows early stages of construction.

On top of this,  the work generally stops around noon and on some days no work is done at all. It is not uncommon for work to be done early on Saturday mornings. .  These buildings should have been finished by now.  It looks like the residents will be treated to another noisy summer in 2018 as the builder continues work on these monstrosities.

It is also obvious that these houses are out of proportion with the other homes on Coleman Island and the colour of them is decidedly unattractive. In short, these houses are ugly.

At the council meeting that I attended in 2015 (I think) I believe that the architect was given permission to build 4 town houses. Yet six houses are being built. I am frustrated with the lack of concern from council when they are contacted about this situation. There is a flippant attitude about both the number and appearance of houses being built, including being told that all the permits have been paid and that since the builder bought the adjoining lot,  he can build as he wishes.

As for the length of time taken in building these houses,  council appears not to be in the least bit concerned. So forgive me if I am not as concerned about Don Maynard Park as I am about the unfinished houses on Coleman Island at this time. While I appreciate that future construction there will impact a number of residents in the Gale St subdivision and destroys part of a park which commemorates a beloved teacher, nothing has been started there yet.  Perhaps residents should be warned that the building of houses there could take years if the buildings on the Island are representative of future construction in the town.

Hoping beyond hope that just possibly the construction on Coleman Island could be finished before the end of 2017.

Sheilamary Boydell