Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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SportsResults in from the District 7A Senior Games

Results in from the District 7A Senior Games

Heather Lovett receiving medal from Ronnie Brown
Heather Lovett receiving medal from Ronnie Brown

The local group of over 40 seniors who travelled to Kingston on August 16 brought home several medals. Thank you to Ann Ecker and Shirley Gamble who represented us as volunteers to conduct one of the card games.

Congratulations to the winners:

BOWLING: Gold:Heather Lovett and Silver Hanna Watzlauwik

GOLF: Silver: Al Steele and Bronze: Nancy Cameron

SHUFFLEBOARD: Silver :Irene Botham and Helen James

DARTS: Silver: Denyse Brisbois and Doral Munro

CRIBBAGE: Bronze: Ray Veilleux and Nick Odynski

There were some difficulties staging these games but OSGA head office organized them with help from the Kingston District to pull off a successful games. As part of better planning, every district was asked to volunteer which year they would host in the future. Our district will host them in 2019 which seems like a long way ahead but plans need to be made with municipalities at least 2 years ahead so it can be included in their budgets.

Since the +55 Ontario Games rotate every second year,between winter and summer, this summer the games will be in the Midland area from August 9-11, 2016 and the next Winter Games will be in Cobourg from Feb.21-23, 2017.

Guy Chaput and Art Levi represented our district at the OSGA Annual Meeting on Oct.19 & 20 in Ottawa where they listened to discussions over rule changes but also managed to network with many other seniors sharing the same problems getting volunteers to organize their games.

The local winter games brochure will be out this month so people are asked to indicate which games they wish to enter and where there is enough interest,convenors will be found to produce competitions in curling,bowling,skiing,etc. Check the local legions, town Recreation Centers and Waterside for brochures.

Hanna Watzlawick receiving medal from Ronnie Brown_cr
Hanna Watzlawick receiving medal from Ronnie Brown





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