Riparian Rights are well established in Ontario. Riparian Rights relate 
to the right of access and use of water and waterways adjacent to
waterfront property owners. The Enerdu project could have an impact on
the traditional access rights of some waterfront owners in the
Mississippi River yet to my knowledge not only has Enerdu not approached
any of the waterfront property owners concerning the impact of the
project, they have not mentioned any potential impact on these property

Modifying the river bed and changing the flow to ensure a unimpeded flow
to the generators may actually stop property owners from using the river
to canoe, kayak, or boat. Increasing the size of the generators will
allow Enerdu to pass more water through their system at any time. This
will likely increase the speed of the current to the point where it
becomes dangerous to access the river from these properties.

Has Enerdu carried out water flow studies to see the impact of their
proposed changes on the flow of the river above the dam? If they have
the public has not seen them. If they have not, why not?

As far as I have been able to determine the Green Energy Act does not
override the Riparian Rights of Ontario residents.

Waterfront property owners deserve clear answers.

Brian Young