Good Morning Editor,

My name is Tammy Arnason and I am from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Recently, I had heard on the news that your mayor, Shaun McLaughlin, has refused to lower the flags in Mississippi Mills to half-mast, in honour of the loss of 16 lives on a remote Saskatchewan highway on April 06 of this year.

I found this act of refusal to participate in lower your flags to half-mast in what has turned out to be a national and worldwide show of solidarity to our loss of our 16 members of the Humboldt Broncos team in one of the most horrific and unimaginable events in our history, to be quite frank, very disturbing.

I have emailed your Mayor and I decided to forward my letter to your paper for review. Mayor McLaughlin did respond and sent me the Mississippi Mills Flag Policy to review. I read the Policy and it does mention on point 6.1.2 of the policy that, and I quote, “The Town will fly it’s flags at half-mast in the event of a death or to commemorate a solemn occasion……etc.” So I cannot see why Mayor McLaughlin is refusing to honour that part of the Flag Policy of Mississippi Mills.

As a Saskatchewan citizen I am imploring Mayor McLaughlin to please in a show of solidarity, please lower Mississippi Mills flags to half-mast, alongside the rest of our beautiful country of Canada. Is this not the least that we as human beings and fellow Canadians can do to honour the untimely loss of half a junior hockey team in Saskatchewan?

Thanks for your time.

Kind Regards,
Tammy Arnason