Editor’s note: Allan Goddard shared this sad news about the closing of a local store that many of us have shopped in over the years. We’re sorry to hear it.

Sis ‘n Bro $mart Buy$, one of our local  “have it all stores,” is closing its doors this weekend, having served Almonte for many years.

Rhonda Meloche and her brother Jeff Timmons, as well as various other employees, have provided their customers with many seasonal decorations, helium balloons, greeting cards, picture frames, stationery, craft supplies, and many in-betweens,  and ever friendly and helpful service, for those many years, and deserve a word of thanks from us all.

I (we) will certainly miss their friendly ambiance. Most of their material is at a clearance price, and their last day open will be Sunday.

Thank you Jeff and Rhonda.