Monday, April 15, 2024
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Answers to Diana’s Quiz – April 13, 2024

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Artificial Intelligence for Creatives, a workshop with Gabe Braden

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Night Sky NewsStarhop to Globular Cluster and Open Cluster (compare and contrast)

Starhop to Globular Cluster and Open Cluster (compare and contrast)

Another sample starhop that shows the difference between Open and Globulars is the starhop to M13:

Facing South before 11pm tonight you can see the brightest stars that make up the summer triangle: Altair, Deneb and Vega.

West of the bright star Vega, locate the Keystone figure of Hercules. Travel up the western side until you reach the faint ‘fuzzy’ patch . You should be able to see this easily in binoculars. If you have a telescope, the cluster will appear as a million suns (not actually resolvable) in the eyepiece with a normal low power eyepiece.

Here’s the view that we used in Lecture 4

Here’s the target – try putting your telrad on it if you have one…:

Compare this view to the next one of two open clusters – much closer and sparser..

For the double cluster in Perseus:

Use your planisphere to help you locate the Double Open Cluster in the sky.

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