Another sample starhop that shows the difference between Open and Globulars is the starhop to M13:

Facing South before 11pm tonight you can see the brightest stars that make up the summer triangle: Altair, Deneb and Vega.

West of the bright star Vega, locate the Keystone figure of Hercules. Travel up the western side until you reach the faint ‘fuzzy’ patch . You should be able to see this easily in binoculars. If you have a telescope, the cluster will appear as a million suns (not actually resolvable) in the eyepiece with a normal low power eyepiece.

Here’s the view that we used in Lecture 4

Here’s the target – try putting your telrad on it if you have one…:

Compare this view to the next one of two open clusters – much closer and sparser..

For the double cluster in Perseus:

Use your planisphere to help you locate the Double Open Cluster in the sky.

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Your date and time
Your constellations