A recent EORN press event

Rural Internet users will have enhanced access to urban-level hi-speed services starting in February 2013 as Storm Internet Services Inc. starts a $1.1 million roll-out of last-mile wireless infrastructure throughout Lanark County. The upgrade and expansion of the existing network is part of the Eastern Ontario Regional Network (EORN), an initiative to provide broadband service to 95% of homes and businesses in rural Eastern Ontario.

Storm Internet Services’ new 10 megabit per second download/1 Mbps upload wireless service will cover rural areas surrounding Perth and Lanark such as McDonald’s Corners and Maberly which are unable to access more traditional wire-line services. Rolling out throughout 2013, this new wireless hi-speed provides an estimated 7,500 rural Lanark households and businesses with 21st century Internet access on a par with wired services available in most Canadian cities and towns.