Almonte Fair Homecraft Photography Department is having our annual display and judging of participants photos at the 160th Almonte Fair July 13 – 15th 2018.

This year we are having 2 photography classes, an amateur and a professional.  Everyone is welcome to participate!

If you have any questions please call Cathy Gayton at 
613-862-3750 or email  

Here are the categories: 

1 2018 Fair Theme –“Grandma’s Kitchen” 
2 At the Fair
Clothes Line: Wash blowing in the wind
4 Aprons
5 Preserves
6 Old Windows
7 Chicken’s and/or eggs
8 Where your food is from
9 Spring
10 Summer
11 Fall
12 Winter
13 Home Baking
14 Grandma’s Teachings
15 Kids with their Grandparents
16 Water
17 Grandma’s Kitchen: Then and Now (2 photos mounted as one)
18 Black & White: Grandma’s Favourite Thing
19 Travel “In Memory of Norma Paul who enjoyed her many travels over the years”
20  Photo of your choice

Along with Photography, we have many other classes in the Agricultural Hall you can participate in.  Classes are Horticulture, Culinary Arts, Crafts, Needle and Thread, Children’s Section, Special Needs, and the Friends Competition. 

For more information about our Homecraft division, please see our Prize Book, which is in stores now for pick up and our website .  Don’t forget to follow us on facebook for all our latest updates as well  @AlmonteFair