Last Thursday (March 12) I had an appointment for surgery with Dr. Ekong at the Almonte General Hospital.

My whole experience was so great that I have to recount it here for all to hear about.

I arrived to register and was then met by Gen who took me into pre-op to change. The bed was warm! They have a machine that blows warm air into a plastic blanket, and it keeps you toasty warm. Very spa-like!

While Gen did her checks I was warming nicely. What a lovely welcome.

As happens sometimes, there was a baby who had difficulty arriving so a C-section was in order. This meant I had to wait a while, but I was so comfortable that I dozed off. Donna woke me to tell me I was going in, in 15 minutes. Pauline wheeled me to the OR and I got settled on the table.

Dr. Ekong came in and read out what I was having done, and the team introduced themselves to me. I told Dr. Forbes (anaesthetist) that I was easy to sedate, so we agreed on anaesthetic “light”. With that, Avis put the oxygen ask over my face and Dr. Forbes put a needle in my arm saying “You are on the beach with a gin and tonic.” The next thing I realized was that I was being wheeled along. Rather a funny sensation when you are only half conscious.

The wheeling motion stopped and I was back with Donna (pre-op now became post-op) and she was calling my name. I did not want to come back yet, so kept my eyes shut a few more minutes. When I decided to open them, I did not feel at all groggy and was happy to have apple juice to drink. There was no pain – of course the magic bag was helping with that.

Pauline took me up to the ward and Helen helped me into the bed. This bed was like a cloud. Very comfortable and I was still warm. It was after lunch, I slept a little and people checked the tubes and vitals.

A lovely lady came to see what I would like for supper. First meal of the day, and I was beginning to feel hungry. The meal was very good – roast beef, potatoes and brussel sprouts followed by apricots.

Before settling down for the night I sat up and dangled my legs, then stood up. All seemed to be fine and I had no pain. (Of course, the bag was still attached).

Nights in hospitals are usually busy, and this was no exception. A flash light (to see you were still breathing) then a vitals check which was quite noisy with all the dings and dongs from the machines. I did manage two 3 hour sleeps though, and was quite comfortable. I was able to turn over once I sorted out the tubes.

Next morning breakfast arrived. Nice coffee. Then detached from the bags and walk around. That went well, still no pain. Now the bathroom test to see things were working well which took until lunch time to pass the test.

Lunch was a pork sandwich with 2 vegetables and apple sauce. Now it was time to go home and so I said my good byes and came home to rest and recover.

At home I have to take it easy for a few weeks, so I am happily watching the snow melt. I will be recovered sufficiently by the time the garden needs me, so my whole experience was well timed.

Thank you to everyone at the Almonte General for such a nice experience. You certainly deserve to be the number one hospital.

Keep up the good work.

Jennie Legg