Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Neighborhood Yard Sale, May 25

Neighborhood Yard Sale On Spring Street between Gale...

Be a Home Hospice North Lanark Hero!

Wondering what happened to our Spring Auction...
Arts & CulturePick of the PastThe army comes to town

The army comes to town

Michael Dunn sent this note and related photos. A fascinating look back at a part of town which hasn’t changed all that much, really.

I’ve been digitizing old family photos when I came across these photos. They seem to catch a militia exercise at the old train station. It was on the site of, what is now, the library. In one of the photos is a good view of the warehouse sheds. There were three sets of tracks in front of the station as the goods coming and going had to be close to the warehouse platform and the middle set of tracks was used to give way to more important trains.

The officer is my father, John Dunn who was the commandant of the local militia regiment which used the old Wylie house as an armories. I believe the unit was part of the Lanark and Renfrew Regiment.

I think the larger of the two wheeled vehicles was called a “Staghound” and was British in origin.




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