Thursday, December 8, 2022
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CoronavirusThe new normal: Day four

The new normal: Day four

An occasional series of letters.

Watching the torrential deluge on Friday had me wishing that it could wash away any virus surviving on hard and soft surfaces, alike.

Only thing missing was soap.

Crack of 8:00 am and who doesn’t want to know who is showing up for that set-aside hour for grocery shopping. Half of the half of Almonte who is over 65, some with helpers, everyone being protected by freshly disinfected handles on shopping carts and wash stations at the entrance and exit. And there was a greeter to explain the drill.

The trucks may have been late arriving or restocking was going to take place subsequently, a few shelves were empty, as if several people had just realized that their cupboards and freezers were, indeed, bare. Still, produce was plenty, lots of canned goods, and there were paper products available.

Keeping social isolation in mind, there were signs at the checkouts and markings on the floor.

I did not see anyone in a mask but many wore gloves and I sported very attractive safety glasses which drew quizzical looks.

The parking lot was abuzz as people with foresight had placed orders online and, parked in dedicated spots, were having them loaded into their trunks. They did not have to get out of their vehicles which is undoubtedly the safest way to shop.

Best thing about shopping early, there were Cheesies in stock.

Shannon Lee Mannion




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