Sunday, March 26, 2023
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LivingThe roundabout gets a facelift

The roundabout gets a facelift

Mississippi Mills Beautification Team at Work 

With help and expert design advice from Allan Goddard, The Beautification Team worked over the summer and autumn months to renew the plantings at Almonte’s Roundabout.

The goal was to create a more natural, pollinator-friendly, low-maintenance landscape.

First, the ground was cleared of weeds, old mulch and landscaping cloth. Overgrown and dead shrubbery was then removed with help from Public Works, leaving the three maple trees, some junipers, daylilies, and cone flowers from the original planting.

Beautification volunteers then prepared the ground and went to work digging in the new shrubs and plants.

The new plantings included dwarf burning bushes, new varieties of daylilies, salt-resistant spiraeas, ornamental red barberry, various ornamental grasses, and sumac. Milkweed was carefully retained for our Monarch Butterfly friends.

After the plants were bedded in, the area was covered in a fresh topping of cedar mulch, again with help from Public Works.

Later, in October, 400 daffodil bulbs were added to give some spring colour.

As part of the project, the light focusing on the large rock inscribed with “Welcome to Almonte” was relit and adjusted. The “Welcome” sign, which is a lovely focal point of the entrance to Almonte, can now be seen clearly after dark.

This makeover was completed by volunteers Allan Goddard, Ron Ayling, Malte Mendzigall, Joachim Moenig, Art and Lea-Anne Solomonian, Garwood Tripp, and student volunteer, Tom Moses.

The Beautification Working Group also undertakes regular projects throughout the year: Spring and Fall Pitch-Ins, including cleanups of Almonte’s Mill Street tourist area; placing Fall décor (cornstalks and scarecrows) along Mill Street; planting daffodil bulbs; and installing the large Christmas tree in Centennial Square in December.

The work done by this dedicated group of volunteers goes a long way to keeping our community attractive and welcoming, for both residents and visitors.

If you are interested in joining the Working Group or volunteering your time, even for just a few hours, please get in touch and we will let you know when projects are taking place.

If you’re new to town, this is a great way to meet people in a Covid-safe, outdoor environment.

Please contact:

Lea-Anne Solomonian
(613 256-4305





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