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The wine taste experience


by Mark Cochrane

What is it about the colour, smell and taste of wine that we find so intriguing? Why is it that we like some wines but totally dislike others? You serve your favourite wine to a friend and they are turned off by the taste or it simply doesn’t impress them. Don’t be insulted. Wine is a personal taste experience and even though you might like the taste of vanilla or the smell of cigar box, it may not appeal to the next person.

Acidity, sweetness, alcohol, tannins and fruit are slamming into your taste buds and turning your mouth upside down while your brain tries to sort it all out. Aromas and flavours trigger memory and emotional responses in the cortex of the brain and since all of our brains are unique so is the taste experience. So if your best friend doesn’t like the Bordeaux that you serve, just agree to disagree and move on to the next wine.

2013 Pepperwood Grove Old Vine Zinfandel, California ($13.95– LCBO 308163)

Pepperwood_Zin_web_smDon’t expect a dark rich Zinfandel that would normally be in the $24 range but this Zin has lots to offer at this price point. Jammy flavours like raspberry and a smooth finish with some vanilla and mild tannins makes this a great Zinfandel for under $14. A nice wine that pairs well with grilled sausages or beef chili.

Available at the Almonte LCBO or Carleton Place LCBO


2014 Nugan Estates Third Generation Chardonnay, South Eastern Australia ($11.95 – LCBO 400317)

3rd_generation Chard_web_sm

A soft yellow chardonnay from South Eastern Australia with aromas of green apples and butterscotch. Pineapple, golden apple flavours and some residual sugar give it a caramel like finish. A nice chardonnay that would pair well with roasted chicken.

Available at the Carleton Place LCBO or Terry Fox LCBO in Kanata




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