Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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LivingHealthIf you are looking for a family physician, contact the Ottawa Valley FHT

If you are looking for a family physician, contact the Ottawa Valley FHT

by Antoinette Strazza

Ottawa Valley Family Health Team logoWhile in the process of coordinating an amalgamation of all clinical offices in Almonte, the Ottawa Valley Family Health Team (OVFHT) is looking for ways to best provide care to the community we serve.

We are evaluating the health care gaps that exist in our catchment area by creating a registry of community members looking for a physician.

If you do not currently have a family physician, or wish to have a local family physician, and you live in Mississippi Mills – which includes Almonte, Pakenham, Ramsay, Appleton, Blakeney, and Clayton, please call our office at 613-256-2514 ext. 2213 or email us at info@ovfht.ca.

We will ask you for your full name, mailing address, and telephone number, and to indicate whether you a) do not have a family physician or b) have a family physician, but outside of the Mississippi Mills area.

This basic information is collected for the sole purpose of contacting you.

Some people have called physician offices directly and been referred to the FHT to be placed on this registry.

This redirection of calls is part of our effort to standardize the process for taking on new patients, which will be the same for all physicians once they are practising under one roof.

New patient information is provided in batches to the physicians who are taking patients to allow them to manage the additional workload associated with enrolling and getting to know each new person.

The physicians currently taking new patients are Drs. Blaine, Forbes, McGarry and Murray.

It is the responsibility of each physician’s office to contact the patients on the list that has been provided to them.

If specific requests are made, we will forward those names to the requested physician.

The Ottawa Valley Family Health Team will make every effort to respond to the health care needs of the community in a timely manner.

We also take this opportunity to thank you in advance as you allow us to streamline our processes so that we can better serve our patient population overall. 

Antoinette Strazza is the Executive Director of the Ottawa Valley Family Health Team. For further information, call 613-256-2514, ext. 2213 or send an email to info@ovfht.ca.




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