My father who lives on Corkery Road had his car broken into two weeks ago on a Friday night. He did not call the police because nothing had been stolen there being nothing in the car to take. I ended up calling the police because this sort of thing needs to be taken seriously.

What if the thief/thieves, stymied by the empty car, had decided to break into the house. What if they’d bullied and terrified an elderly person who has lived peacefully in the area these past ten years. What if they were drunk and/or stoned or armed and intent on stealing or creating mayhem? Yes, what if.

In doing some legwork, I discovered that there were other car break-ins in the area between May of this year and August. Speaking to another resident, it was reported that their home had been broken in twice. I believe if people reading the Millstone are asked if they’ve had cause for worry, either about themselves or security of their property over the past six months, there will be many affirmative responses.

I do not live in the Millstone’s area of coverage, however, if the trend is anything as it is in Ottawa, I posit that there is a problem in the Almonte area. When I called the police about the trespassing would-be thief I was given what I consider to be false reassurance.

If there are delinquents roaming neighbourhoods in the middle of the night, trying door handles, seeing what they can steal, this is a huge concern.

The situation inherent in our society whereby a segment thinks that they are entitled to do what they want and take what they do not own needs to be addressed.


Shannon Lee Mannion