It is time to get Enerdu to answer specific questions about their proposed project in Almonte. Their lack of clear answers to specific questions can not go on and it is time that the residents of Almonte demanded and received answers to specific questions.
This is the first of a number of specific questions which I challenge Enerdu to answer clearly and in detail.

What is the minimum level of compensation flow over the main dam for their proposed project? Let them respond in the Millstone so all of the residents can see the response.

Compensation flow is the amount of water that will always flow over the dam at all times of the year, spring, summer, fall and winter. Without a compensation flow requirement, Enerdu will be able to completely shut down all water flow over the main dam during low water periods, completely drying up that section of the falls. (Maybe they want to move the dam further down the river so that the lack of flow will not show so badly).

At the public meeting when asked about compensation flows the representatives of Enerdu gave their usual vague answer of “We are negotiating this“ My question is “Who are they negotiating with?“

This is the flow over the main dam, not the flow over or through the dams near Thoburn Mill.
I feel we all deserve public answers to public questions. It is our river, we have a right to get answers.

Brian Young